Business Continuity Planning & Crisis Communications

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Business Continuity Planning & Crisis Communications

Plan for Tomorrow - Today

None of us know what tomorrow will bring, but we know what can harm us and we can choose to be properly prepared.

A business continuity plan is a key component in ensuring that organisations are able to manage undesired events which could severely disrupt operations and harm reputation.

When the unexpected happens, the well-prepared firm has already considered an event of this type, looked at the options and documented the plans and resources needed to manage, mitigate and communicate with confidence and competence.

The event might be physical, like a fire or flood or a more local failure of IT. It may affect access to premises or resources. It could arise on site or somewhere within the supply chain. Whatever the incident, it may have the potential to harm operations or reputation. The poor survival rate of firms that do not plan for the unexpected is well documented, so the message is that if you want to stay in control during a crisis, put a plan together.

Sound advance planning can equip businesses to cope, and it is made easier, quicker and more effective with the help, systematic approach and communication facilities offered by MPW via Crisispro.


Plan development is achieved by a structured process to build, test and maintain the plan. It is aligned to BS25999 standard with continuity planning help for most types of incident. The plan is hosted online but documents can be downloaded in Word or PDF for local editing, storage and hard copy printing. Other vital files can be uploaded to the site for safe-keeping. Every user will have their own password protected Online Incident Management area providing access to crisis communications, including the crisis team, staff or customers.


  • Impact Analysis
  • Ownership and Invocation
  • Roles and Duties
  • Contacts
  • Crisis Management
  • Specific Contingency Plans
  • Resource Documents
  • Support Facilities
  • Test Scenarios
  • Help with every Topic


  • Unique password protected web address for every plan
  • Area for Crisis Team Communications
    • Incident log
    • Task and Bulletin Board
  • Area for Staff Communications
    • Outbound Bulletin Board
    • Online folder for press releases etc
    • Incident review
    • All incidents remain logged
    • All records downloadable in Word or PDF


Business Continuity Planning is not just vital for large organisations.

Invest in the future today and protect your business, its reputation and its stakeholders.

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