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Building Warranty Insurance

MPW are able to arrange a competitive Structural Guarantee Insurance Product for Commercial and Residential Developments in the UK.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Competitive premiums
  • 50% of the premium payable up front with the balance of the premium payable upon completion and sign off – Technical Audit fee payable up front.
  • Council of Mortgage Lenders approved (all major UK Lenders)
  • Cover can apply for 10 or 12 years, and include component failure.
  • Premium based on Construction Value not Sale value
  • No requirement for any Registration Fee or Bond
  • Policy cover written on a “first party” basis, hence the homeowner has direct recourse to the insurance in the event of a defect.
  • Access to the Construction Durability Database
  • Cover available for conversions / renovations / mixed use developments
  • Completed developments can be insured within 12 months of completion
  • Existing structures can be included
  • Full Technical Audit carried out

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Technical Process

Technical Requirements

BLP does not have its own standards or requirements. Our Technical Review checks for compliance with industry standards and good building practice.

Design Checking Procedure

Insurers will be assigned a dedicated technical consultant to deal with the scheme from inception through to completion.

Ideally, the builder would assign a single point of contact i.e. Contractor, Employers Agent etc. who will be responsible for dealing with the BLP consultant.

BLP will review all relevant construction information as soon as it becomes available, to allow any potential concerns to be brought to the attention of the builder well in advance of work commencing on site.

Upon completion of each review, a Summary Report (no longer than one or two pages) will be issued by BLP highlighting any concerns and scheduling information still required for consideration. A copy of the full report can be made available if required. The report can be delivered both electronically and in hard copy.

The review will be updated as necessary to reflect delivery of specific pieces of information and the summary updated and issued as appropriate.

The builder (or appointed agent) should reply to the Summary Report answering queries raised and advising when outstanding information might be available.

This process will continue throughout the construction programme.

Both the BLP consultant and the builder contact will be responsible for ensuring that the process moves smoothly and keeps pace with the contract programme, thus ensuring that queries are resolved to both parties satisfaction and that there is no disruption to the works programme so the Certificate of Insurance is free of exclusions.

BLP design concerns are to be resolved before the specified works are constructed on site.

Latent Defects Insurance

Latent defects insurance provides cover for the cost of remedying and rectifying damage arising from an inherent defect in design, workmanship or materials becoming apparent after practical completion.

An indemnity is provided in respect of the costs incurred up to the total sum insured (typically the full re-instatement value of the building). Cover is generally available for between five and twelve years from the date of practical completion.

Commercial Property
Cover may be arranged by any party who has an interest in the property such as the owner or developer, the funder or an incoming tenant with an obligation to repair under their lease.

Cover may be extended to include loss or rent, loss of gross profit or revenue, increased cost of working, alternative accommodation and mechanical and electrical services and component failure

  • Existing structures can be included
  • Full Technical Audit carried out

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