Our Services Include

Our Services Include:


  • Personal attention of senior, expert and knowledgeable staff
  • Collation of statistical and exposure detail
  • Provision of Report and Risk Register
  • Supply of claims and policy digests etc
  • Scheduled meetings
  • Mid-term strategic reviews
  • Prompt and efficient response to all communications
  • Prepare risk presentations where appropriate for the remarketing of client policies
  • Provision of bulletins and newsletters and other pertinent information


  • Issue of policies, certificate and cover notes
  • Process declarations for adjustable policies
  • Letters providing evidence of insurance
  • Accurate invoices and statements
  • Premium collection options
  • Issue of meeting notes including action points required


  • Definition of claims procedures
  • Regular production of claims statistics, assistance in identifying trends
  • Negotiation with third party companies for recovery of uninsured losses
  • Claim Review Meetings
  • Constant review of outstanding reserves held by Insurers against your claims
  • Notification of claims to Insurers, assistance with repair authorisation, appointment of Loss Adjusters and the like
  • Dealing with correspondence from third party solicitors
  • Obtain up-to-date claims experiences from existing and past Insurers and carry out analysis


  • Insurance Programme design
  • Loss retention studies
  • Negotiation and placement with Underwriters and Insurers
  • Bespoke policy wordings
  • Security vetting and analysis of current and potential Insurers including security, risk appetite, service standards, reputation and additional benefits available


  • Identification and evaluation of exposures
  • Attendance at Insurer surveys where required
  • Co-ordination of subsequent risk management measures
  • Assistance with employee handbooks/guidance notes etc
  • Implications of contract wordings/alterations
  • Self Insurance options
  • Archaeology of insurance
  • Accident investigations
  • Risk assessment and Health and Safety training
  • Identification of uninsured risks


  • Establishment of crisis management organisation
  • Preparation and audit of disaster plans
  • Identification of critical assets
  • Personnel security
  • Analysis of interruption and control measures
  • Assessment of interdependency between units
  • Evaluation of dependency on sources of supply