Construction Insurance Specialism on Your Doorstep

Construction Insurance Specialism on Your Doorstep

18th February 2020

MPW has been providing bespoke insurance solutions to construction companies across the UK for over 25 years.

We have always had a strong connection with local firms in Kent and it was good to see so many clients, friends and contacts from the construction sector visiting our stand at Kent Construction Focus Group’s Expo 2012 the other week.

Without doubt, the construction sector is now experiencing extremely difficult times and margins are tighter than ever. Insurance is a major overhead and specialist advice is essential.

Price whilst important should not be the sole decision when arranging cover in this high risk activity.

The precise terms and conditions are critically important – there is no such thing as a standard policy wording for a particular class of cover. Insurer A’s construction liability policy may be cheaper than Insurer B but won’t cover the contractor for certain activities he undertakes or perhaps is conditional upon onerous or unreasonable precautions being precisely adhered to. That saving could prove a costly uninsured mistake.

MPW offers the full range of cover needed for construction site activities including employers and public liability, contractors all risks, performance bonds, special indemnities and buildings warranty cover.

We understand the construction industry and its insurance requirements. We are familiar with the insurance obligations our clients will encounter within standard construction contracts issued by JCT, NEC, ICE and others and will advise and then tailor their insurance programme to precisely respond.

Our construction clients benefit from widely worded policy cover specifically designed for their sector and placed with financially strong and competent insurers.

Trade federations engaged in new housebuilding and roofing endorse MPW to their membership and we have developed specific schemes using our own exclusive bespoke policy wordings. MPW has built up close relationships with the UK’s premier construction insurers and is regarded as a leading force in their market.

In addition we have established a facility that provides robust online support and access to Risk Management and Health and Safety advice supported by qualified and experienced consultants offering practical guidance and information for the housebuilding and construction industry.

Add in our high levels of dedication to client attention and servicing plus our specialist knowledge and experience in construction to see why MPW is the ideal insurance partner for so many construction trades.