Injury Claims From Ex Employees

Injury Claims From Ex Employees

18th February 2020

Businesses can be presented with claims for long term ailments such as industrial deafness or disease by individuals they employed many years ago and who contend the problem either arose or was exacerbated during the period they were with the company.

Often, the claim may be pursued against several different employers if the individual has been exposed to a similar environment with other companies.

The claim needs to be notified to the insurer(s) on cover during the time concerned but finding details of the policy may be difficult and ultimately impossible, particularly if the alleged period dates back to the pre computer era.

As part of our service, MPW will assist clients in tracing details of insurers they had arranged cover with before they appointed us as their brokers. We have had some significant successes enabling our clients to involve long cancelled and previously forgotten policies rather than fund the matter from their own resources. In one major case, we were even able to trace an insurer who had provided cover in the 1950’s.

The insurance profession recognises that there will not always be such fortunate outcomes. The Employers Liability Tracing Office (or ELTO) has now been established as a central register and will retain relevant details which we will be obliged to supply to them.