I have suffered a major incident outside of normal business hours.

We accept emergencies can occur at all times of the day or night. Many of our Insurers have out of hours helplines able to offer assistance see useful contact details.

Will I need to report my theft to the Police?

Malicious Damage or Theft claims must be reported to the Police who will issue you with a crime reference number.

Should I take photographs?

Photographs are always helpful, particularly for accident scenes or damaged property.

I cannot wait for Insurers to approve my claim before I carry out repairs?

Your insurers will normally accept the carrying out of emergency repairs to make property safe and secure and prevent further damage. The clearing up of debris can also usually proceed. Estimates should be obtained for permanent repairs and submitted to insurers for approval. If you are not sure whether you should proceed with emergency repairs, please contact us for advice. Never dispose of damaged items before your claim has been settled.

Can I use my own tradesman?

Many insurers have approved tradesmen or firms to repair or replace damaged or lost property. If you would rather use your own tradesman or firm you may need to provide more than one quotations. Insurers may wish to check that the charges made by your chosen tradesman or firm are reasonable and competitive and may wish to inspect any damage either prior to commencement of the works.

Will I have to pay an excess?

It is likely that your policy will carry an excess, which will be deducted from any claim payment.

What about very small claims?

Your current and future premiums will take into account the claims made under the policy and it may not be worth claiming if the loss/damage is close to the level of policy excess – please contact us for advice for each particular circumstance.

How long will it take to process my claim?

Each claim is completely different from the next and depending on the type and extent of loss; the time taken to deal with a claim varies greatly. For large losses, interim payments on account may be possible. We will however take all steps to ensure your claim is settled without delay.

I am not happy with the settlement offered, what should I do?

Contact us and let us know. We will always try to obtain the best settlement for you and will assist you in any negotiations with your insurers throughout your claim’s processing.

I cannot find details of my Insurance Company on your list?

If your Insurance Company is not listed or you are unsure which company covers your claim, please contact us.