Building on our reputation

Building on our reputation

18th February 2020

From our first day of business in 1986, MPW has always provided the highest levels of service and professionalism to our corporate clients.

Our expansion over the last 26 years has enabled us to develop a growing client list of businesses throughout the UK engaged in a multitude of very different activities.

Despite this diversification, we have always been known and respected as specialist construction insurance brokers and this activity continues to comprise a major part of our working lives.

Trade federations engaged in new housebuilding and roofing endorse MPW to their membership and we have developed specific schemes using our own exclusive bespoke policy wordings. MPW has built up close relationships with the UK’s premier construction insurers and is regarded as a leading force in their market.

But nothing stays the same for our clients. Without doubt, the construction sector is now experiencing extremely difficult times and margins are tighter than ever. Insurance is a major overhead.

However, our construction clients benefit not only from competitive premiums but also widely worded policy cover specifically designed for their sector and placed with financially strong and competent insurers.

Add in our high levels of dedication to client attention and servicing plus our specialist knowledge and experience in construction to see why MPW is the ideal insurance partner for so many construction trades.