Voice from the chair

Voice from the chair

18th February 2020

The recent months have been an exciting time for MPW. Whilst we are certainly not immune from the effects of the deepest recession for 70 years, we have completed the acquisition of David Lynes Commercial and welcomed both Tony Avard and John Galloway formerly founding directors of Palmar, Avard and Galloway Insurance Brokers on board.

Insurance is a ‘people business’ and our company is built upon the long term relationships we have with clients, staff and Insurers.

As a result of these appointments we have needed to alter our offices in Maidstone to accommodate our new colleagues. John, Tony and Tracy Beach who heads up the David Lynes Commercial business team bring with them a wealth of knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, professionalism and a keen sense of fun and I have no doubt we will all enjoy working with them.

We appreciate that our positive news is fairly rare in these difficult times and we remain committed to assist our clients , many of whom are struggling with a down turn in business, increased competition, reduced profit margins, credit tightening from banks and suppliers and a spiralling compensation culture, all amid social unrest.

We cannot solve all of these problems but we can assist by achieving early claims settlements, premium reductions and cover enhancements and by devising insurance solutions to assist our clients’ business opportunities, which brings me back to the importance of close relationships and insurance broking being a people business.