Business Travel

Business Travel

18th February 2020

Whether travelling abroad on business or chasing the sun for a well earned holiday, there is always a risk of suffering an accident or illness.

The cost implication in the event of a serious occurrence will be extremely expensive, often running into several thousands of pounds. There have been numerous examples of persons stranded abroad without the comfort of insurance and the support of experienced staff to deal with an emergency, additionally lost or delayed baggage is frustrating and potentially costly. Insurance can alleviate this concern.

MPW have a very cost effective solution for their corporate clients, offering an annual policy to provide cover for staff members travelling abroad on business, the cover also extends to provide cover for domestic trips of Directors and their spouses. In addition, personal accident cover is an optional extension.

Policies can be arranged rapidly in-house, if you have a forthcoming trip or a programme of business travel, then please talk to us, the cost of providing cover is extremely competitive!