Successful Staff Conference

Successful Staff Conference

18th February 2020

The MPW team came together on 30th April for our annual staff conference, which was held on-site in the Whatman room at Turkey Mill.

Each year MPW stage a conference to share the progress that MPW has made over the year, give opportunity for staff to feedback and contribute to discussions about our industry.

The event was delivered twice during the day to allow all staff to attend without disrupting business, the first seating commenced at 8.30am. We were delighted to welcome the managing Director of Brokerbility, Ian Stutz, as our guest speaker. MPW are members of Brokerbility, an exclusive group of like minded, high quality independent brokers, and were honoured that Ian could join us as our main speaker.

Our chairman, Andy Webb, opened the event. Andy welcomed everyone, before sharing details of MPW’s performance over the past 12-months and aspirations going forward. Ian Gregory, Director of MPW, then lead a session focused on sales and marketing, giving particular focus to digital marketing and our recent revamp of MPW’s website. He also went on to share sales figures and income statistics and details from the past year.

Director Mark Richardson followed this session by taking MPW staff through the challenges of an evolving market.He spoke about what influences current market price and the potential of a hardening market in the future.

After the three presentations from our directors, we were pleased to welcome Ian Stutz to centre stage. Ian lead a session titled ‘The Model Broker in 2014’ – which analysed how the industry perceives the ‘ideal’ broker, and more specifically what clients perceive to be exceptional service standards and what level of professionalism they expect.

Director, Julian Nicholas led a strong plenary session looking at MPW, our industry and the current state of the economy, he then staged two workshops. Workshop one tackled the topic of recession, and discussed recovery tactics and changing industry regulations. Staff looked at how we could perform more efficiently and the workshop gave our team the opportunity to put forward their views on the subject.

Workshop two encouraged staff to share their ideas and suggestions relating to MPW. Each team were asked to consider changes they would make or missions they would action if they were in charge of MPW for a day. This generated an engaging discussion and became an open forum for ideas, proposals, suggestions and critiques. Topics raised and topics covered were fed back to directors during a Q & A session – giving all staff the opportunity to have their say and spark meaningful conversations about MPW.

The event successfully brought our team together and provided a dedicated space for discussions about the future of MPW. We’re delighted to report that we’ve received great feedback from our employees following the event and both staff and directors benefitted from the valuable content.

We think it’s important to hold a number of staff events throughout the year, ranging from business-focused events to social activities and occasions. The annual conference, in particular, is our opportunity to strengthen MPW’s core values and the directly involve and invite our employees to shape the future of our business.