Thatcham to invest in vehicle safety research

Thatcham to invest in vehicle safety research

18th February 2020

In an effort to combat rising motor insurance claims costs, Thatcham has announced it is to invest in vehicle-based research.

UK insurers provide funding for the Thatcham research centre. They will invest in new facilities as well as carrying out testing of emerging technologies such as autonomous emergency braking systems.

Peter Shaw, CEO at Thatcham, said “Thatcham is ideally placed to play a pivotal role in guiding standards and influencing the rapid roll-out of the emerging vehicle technologies. We have worked closely with our international counterparts in the research sector and can now see reductions in accident damage frequency, which has massive potential to motor insurers and their customers.”

It is hoped that these new technologies will help avoid collisions in the first place, in turn reducing both bodily injury and vehicle damage.