Hints and Tips to prepare for the Winter Freeze

Hints and Tips to prepare for the Winter Freeze

18th February 2020

Recent reports suggest that UK forecasters are predicting that the weather will take a turn for the worse, with freezing temperatures and snowfall possibly on the way.

We thought it would be an opportune time to provide some preparation advice for construction site managers:

– As a regulation, supply waterproof insulated overalls and thermal gloves to protect employees against harsh conditions that could affect their health and safety.
– Remember low temperatures and wind chill can reduce alertness for those operating heavy plant or hazardous equipment.
– Always ensure conditions underfoot are checked.
– Provide adequate lighting for dark mornings and winter nights.
– Provide high visibility clothing for dark periods of the day.

There are also major concerns for van drivers so the following advice can help ensure their safety on the road this winter:

– Plan journeys around busy main roads as they are more likely to have been gritted.
– Do a full winter check on your vehicle checking washer fluid, de-icer, tyres.
– Double the normal stopping distance from the vehicle in front.
– Always carry an emergency kit so you are prepared for breakdowns. This should include a torch, blanket, food and water.
– Ensure your mobile phone is charged in case of an emergency.

With this in mind, careful planning will reduce the risk of accidents, and help to maintain a claim free driving record.