Construction Claims – Loss or Damage to Property

Construction Claims – Loss or Damage to Property

Property claims must be notified to your insurer as soon as possible and your position under your policy may be prejudiced if delays occur.

Please contact us immediately you become aware of any incident which will need you to make a claim and we will explain to you the action you need to take.

We will notify the incident to your insurers on your behalf to comply with policy conditions and work with you throughout the investigation and settlement negotiation stages of the claim.

It will usually be necessary for you to complete a claim form and this may be downloaded below.

You will need to notify any theft or malicious damage incidents to the Police and obtain a crime reference.

Any photographs you can take of the affected property when damage has occurred are always useful.

Insurers may need to discuss your claim with you in greater detail either by telephone or visiting the location of the loss. We will need you to provide us with contact particulars at the time of your notification to us.

Your policy is likely to include an excess or deductible which excludes the first amount of any claim. Theft and malicious damage losses may attract higher excesses. We will confirm the applicable excess when you notify us of the incident.

You will be required to provide detailed documentation to support your claim:

Own plant – settlement will be based upon the replacement cost of any lost or damaged item with an allowance or deduction to reflect wear and tear. Insurers will therefore need an estimate for replacement plus the purchase invoice of the actual item(s) concerned to confirm the age.

Hired in plant – you are likely to receive an invoice from the hiring company for the purchase of replacement plant. This should not be paid by you but should be submitted to your insurers who may well be able to negotiate a lower settlement fee.

Unfixed materials – the invoice for the supply of the original goods will be required plus confirmation of those items which have been lost or damaged.

Contract works – you should take all reasonable action to safeguard the security of any buildings which have been damaged. It is acceptable to commence clearing up debris so that the extent of the damaged areas may be fully assessed and early action taken with regard to obtaining estimates or castings for repair or reinstatement.

Note: If you download a form, please fill it in and send it to