Private Client Insurance

Private Client Insurance

Those individuals who require higher sums insured for their own homes and possessions may find their insurer cannot provide the required limits under a standard policy.

Premiums may in addition be excessive and the cover made subject to unreasonably onerous terms and conditions. In response to this, we have established high net worth household insurance facilities for our clients which offer wide cover at the right price. Our selected Insurers specialise in this sector and understand the unique insurance needs and requirements of wealthier policyholders. Cover can be for buildings and contents either on a combined basis or individually. The minimum sums insured are £250,000 (buildings) and £50,000 (contents) and premiums start at £500 plus insurance premium tax.

Key Features

  • “All Risks” cover for buildings and contents
  • Standard excess £50 (£1,000 subsidence)
  • Contents covered away from home anywhere in the world
  • 24 hour claims service assistance
  • Family legal costs with 24 hour hotline
  • Identity fraud protection cover
  • Flexible and helpful underwriting philosophy
  • Can include second or holiday homes in UK

Additional Discounts available if:

  • Policyholder over 40
  • Claims free under current cover for 3 years
  • Buildings and contents to be insured together
  • Higher excess selected

Our services include:

  • Personal assistance with insurance claims
  • A prompt and efficient response to all communications
  • A comprehensive personal but professional service

Travel Insurance

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Important Information for Clients Purchasing Travel Insurance

We recognise that some customers with pre-existing medical conditions might face problems navigating the travel insurance market and that finding affordable cover for their conditions isn’t always straightforward or easy.

So, if you have been declined cover, offered cover with exclusions for your pre-existing medical condition/s or offered what you consider is an unaffordable premium, then the following guidance can help you navigate the travel insurance market more effectively and potentially achieve a better outcome when searching for affordable cover.

Please click here for important information for customers with pre-existing medical conditions.


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